Planted Forests

The region supports 107,000 hectares of existing forestry plantings, including 80,900 hectares of hardwood plantation (Eucalypts), 15,600 hectares of southern pine plantation, and 10,600 hectares of radiata pine plantation.

Around one third of the land within the north east region (3.7 million hectares) is cleared rural land. Recent investigations by the Hub have examined the suitability of this land for new planted forests. Modelling identified 3.4% (127,000 hectares) of land to be optimally suited to hardwood plantation and 7.5% (278,000 hectares) to be optimally suited to exotic softwood. The assessment also looked at the opportunities for farm forestry and environmental restoration plantings. To view the detail, click on the 'Where to Grow' button below.

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