The North East New South Wales Forestry Hub is governed by a Committee that comprises eight local industry and community stakeholder members:

  1. Andrew Hurford – Hurford Hardwood (President)
  2. Cherie Baynham – Greensill Bros (Vice-President)
  3. Maree McCaskill – Timber NSW (Secretary/Treasurer)
  4. Stephen Dadd – Pentarch
  5. Mark Wright – SuperForest Plantations
  6. Daniel Tuan – Forestry Corporation of NSW
  7. Steve Dobbyns – Jamax Forest Solutions
  8. Michael Coombe (private landholder, forest manager)

The primary role of the Committee is to determine the priority issues for assessment and to oversee the development and implementation of an annual Work Plan that is agreed by the Commonwealth.

The daily business of the Hub is managed by Nick Cameron. 

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